Step-by-step, from the idea to the project

To sum up…

We are three friends recently graduated in science and we like adventure ! Looking for new challenges, horizons and cultures, we are embarking on a several months bicycle tour around the world (see the route). On the occasion of this tremendous odyssey, we are supporting Oxfam-Solidarité and their fight against injustice and poverty.

At the beginning : one night, one idea

Two years ago, it was a night (almost) like the others in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). After a hard working day, it was high time to refresh ourselves with a couple of delicious Belgian beers. We did not need too much before the first :

  • Benjamin : « Desch’ (Antoine), what if we travel around the world by bicycle? »

Then, after few more sips

  • Antoine : « … and we can cross Argentina, Peru, and also go in Asia ! »

A French proverb says that nights give advises, what about Belgian beers… ?

Few months later, Benoît is also charmed by the project and shouted :

  • « Dude, seriously? I am totally in ! »

The trio was formed.

Then : more than an idea, a project with several faces

This project, it is :

  • A personal challenge

A dream for some of us, a good opportunity to discover the world for others, an exceptional challenge for all of us. It is also a good way to improve our capacity to organize, to have initiative and to be resourcefulness !

  • A sport challenge (over 15 000 km by bicycle)

Crossing various countries almost only by bicycle. It can rain, blow or snow, we have chosen to face these kilometres  by bicycle. Theoretically, we are estimating an average of 70 km / day. In practice, only god knows !

  • Discovery of other cultures and people from other horizons

Crossing other countries include meeting other people and their culture. Facing other way to think, to live, or just other architecture, musics, foods : this tour promise us an amazing nice mix of surprises and emotions !

  • Supporting Oxfam-Solidarité

In addition to the personal, sportive, and human experience, we want to include an additional purpose to this adventure. We have decided to support Oxfam-Solidarité in their fight against injustice and poverty. In this way, every pedal stroke is a little help for someone somewhere else in the world.